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Shiva's record of some stuff that goes on
Monday, 29 January 2007
Update of DOOM!
Topic: Snow, Knitting, Massage

Firstly, Please congratulate me on figuring out the thumbnail phenomena and presenting you with beautiful pictures that don't take a million years to load. Simply click on any picture to see a larger version in a pop up window. It's especially nice if you don't care to see the minute details of the yada ya.

<>Secondly, please observe:



Yipee! I am legal! *And* I had another private massage client today, which I'm totally stoked about. In celebration, I took pics of my pretty much completed massage room.




<><> I have had a recommendation to paint the walls a more calming color, which I agree with. However, I already spent OVER $1000 making the room look like it does, and I'm not feeling particularly rich. Also, not knowing how many private clients I will truly have, I don't want to commit to the repaint when we eventually move. Maybe I can get Lauren to do it when she comes and visits. JOKE! (However, when we own a house, I WILL commission to you come paint a mural. Truly.)

Ron built the plain pine shelves in the corners. He continues to rock! Observe how totally awesome, beautiful, functional, and nice yet unobtrusive they are.

<><>Oh, and I know the plaid blanket sucks, but I have two of them, making it easy for laundering, and also I'm planning on knitting a blanket soon (read: in the next year or two) and I don't want to spend money on a Nice blanket before then. Cheap!

Next: Snowman! Ron builds a snowman with the nextdoor neighbors. They came banging on the door asking for help because they had decided to build a JOY-INT snowman and needed Ron's help hefting the midsection up on top of the butt-section. He was stoked to help and went out and rolled around some snow while I took pictures. 

This is the first snowman that inspired the giant one above: 


And here's a good view of our houses from the backyard:

Okay, Avast. The knitting of Ron's sweater is done. Unfortunately, observe the REALLY BIG sleeves: 


It may not be too noticable in that picture, but the sleeves do continue on to almost the end of each book. They are too long. I already tried it on him and he confirmed that he is not cool with the Kimono look. So I either have to 1. Re-block the sweater to the appropriate dimensions, because the first time I blocked it I didn't have enough pins for the sleeves, or 2. unravel the wrists and remove a few inches.

1 would be easier, but I'm not sure it will work. First I will sew all the hems down, then I will re-block and see what happens. I WON'T LOSE THIS SWEATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :) seriously, it was way too much work. I'll reknit whatever I have to.  Here's some more details shots for fun.


Thanks for looking guys! Love you! 

Posted by Shiva at 8:00 PM MST
Updated: Monday, 29 January 2007 9:50 PM MST

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