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Thursday, 18 January 2007
Job! and sweater progress
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Topic: Massage

I got a JOB! Yes, it finally happened. And I didn't try hard, or go crazy, or even get too worried. It was my second "interview" (the first was just someone showing me a room I could rent in her salon. Ha! Funny, I wouldn't have called that an interview, but she did) and it was more befitting of it's name. The place is called the Body Bar and besides massage and facials they sell lots of body products...copious amounts, in fact. The deal is sweet and it resembles so much the situation I had worked out in hawaii it's scary. But good scary because i LOVE that situation. It's totally on-call, no set hours, and anytime I need to do something else I can just call and say "i'm not available." It's about 15 minutes from my house and I get an hour's notice for a massage I'd have to do.  So once again I get extreme flexibility in work hours, doing what I love, for who appears to be a cool boss. I'll update more as I work there and find out how it really is. I already have a massage lined up for next week.  In celebration I bought some shirts I can wear to work that are professional but cute.


In sweater related news, here is my progress on Ron's Avast sweater:


Above: the two sleeves are on the right, the body is on the left. 

 This is a close up of the two fronts of the body that will eventually have a zipper to join them.  Note the cabled band at the bottom. Very cool. 



Posted by Shiva at 6:42 PM MST

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