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- These are introductory prices!

IMPORTANT - During any massage you are encouraged to tell me if you want pressure deeper or lighter. You should never be in pain during a massage from me, even during deep work.

Therapeutic Massage - This massage is a one or one and a half hour treatment that can be totally relaxing, take all your stress away and leave you floating on cloud nine. You can also come in with a problem or issue you'd like addressed, like a painful back, or injured shoulder and you will leave not only feeling better in that area of your body, but also more relaxed overall. I use a combination of Swedish, Lomi Lomi, Neuromuscular Therapy, Structural Bodywork, Crainiosacral, Aromatherapy and other modalities. You can request something specific, or leave it up to me. 60 min $55 / 90 min $75

Structural Integration - Please click the link above for detailed information on this series of bodywork treatments that targets the connective tissue for change in structure, and greater levels of freedom and wellness.

10 Session Series$900
Pay for 1 session at a time$100 each

Spa Treatments

Abhyanga This Ayurvedic warm oil massage is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. Unlike Swedish, Lomi Lomi, or other popular types of massage, the strokes in massage are brisk and rhythmical. Herbal infused oil is heated to a soothing temperature and applied liberally, the strokes aiding the absorption of the oil. $65 60 min.

Salt Glow - Also called a salt scrub or body polish, in this treatment your body is exfoliated for smooth and healthy skin using salt and oil. This treatment is invigorating and is a great add on to another other treatment. $35 30 min

Body Wrap - First your skin will be exfoliated with a dry brush or gloves to stimulate circulation and get rid of the top layer of dead skin. Then a mixture of sea minerals, algea and mud is applied to your body, and you are wrapped like a cocoon. While your head, neck and feet are massage, the mud does its detoxifying work, drawing impurities from the skin and infusing it with antioxidants and minerals. $70 60min

Hot Stone Massage - My interpretation of the hot stone massage includes massage with my hands and with the stones. I use stones which have been heated in temperture controlled water to first massage and warm your muscles. When that has been achieved sufficiently, I then use my hands only to do detailed work on your muscles, releasing the tight and sore spots. During most of the massage you will have stones lying on your back, chest, or stomach to allow the soothing heat to penetrate deeply into your muscles. It is not unusual for skin to be red for up to a day following this treatment in areas where stones were placed for extended periods. $70 60 min / $100 90 min

Private Yoga sessions - During a 1 or 1.5 hour session I will guide you through a series of poses suited to your needs. Before the session we'll discuss in some detail your injuries, needs, and intent. During the practice of yoga postures, I will give you precise verbal instructions, with hands on adjustments so that your alignment is correct and you're not hurting yourself while you move deeply into poses to create freedom in places that were previously stuck. This private session is perfect for beginners who feel they need more attention than usually given in a public class, or intermediate or advanced students who just want more attention so they can go further physically and deeper with their consciousness into the meditation of yoga. I teach in the style of Forrest Yoga, described here. $30 60 min, $40 90 min

To learn more about the 10 Sessions of Structural Integration I offer, please read my Structural Integration page.

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I integrate techniques from many different sources in my holistic healthcare practice. I have been doing yoga for more than 6 years and I like to integrate yoga into the sessions in various ways. If you request, I can assist you in going further in any pose by having you go into the pose and then doing connective tissue massage on the muscle areas where you feel restriction. This is a great combination which some people call "Yoga Bodywork." I also sometimes give "homework" to you after you've recieved a massage, to do a certain yoga pose, stretch, or strenghtening exercise to help facilitate the change we were working on in your bodywork session to continue.

I also draw some language techniques from Hypnotherapy and Hakomi. These techniques are always to help you get more relaxed, more present, and more aware. For an example of the hypnosis techniques I might say, "You can notice the sounds around you," to bring you more into your present experience. Or "You can notice what you're feeling right now..." These are simply things to point you back to your own experience and make the work more potent.

You can even try saying those things to yourself right now, and really notice what is suggested. See how your experience changes from such a small reorientation.

But don't get the idea that I'm talking all the time! That couldn't be farther from the truth. The mood during a treatment is one of sacred, joyful, attentiveness which I don't interrupt with light chatter. I use language sparingly, or when you choose to express something to me, naturally I will respond. I will never intrude on your experience with idle talk.

I also play the Didjeridu, an extraordinary instrument which came from Australia. This incredible wind instrument creates a low droning sound which is often used for sound healing. This is how I use it. Usually a person lays on the floor while I play the didjeridu over their body, moving it to different parts. The resonance and vibration of the primal sound sinks deep down to the bones and feels amazingly wonderful. I do not include this with every massage, but upon request it may be available. It is a delicious way to end a massage.

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